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Diving with Sharks in Hawaii

Jump in and face your fears on one of the most thrilling, and heart pounding adventures you can imagine. Quickly becoming the thing to do on Oahu, you can dive with sharks in Hawaii, and come face to face with the most feared creature in the ocean.

An activity that is truly one of a kind, this adventure heads out from the famed North Shore of Oahu, arriving to the destination following a quick boat ride, where a state of the art shark cage is waiting. As soon as you arrive, you’ll spot sharks circling the boat, in their natural habitat, and know that you are in for something you will never forget. Fear not, this adventure is 100% safe, thanks to the state of the art shark cage that allows you to get up close with a variety of shark species.

Hawaiian waters are known for the offshore reefs and tropical marine life, and many different types sharks are found here. With warm waters and an abundance of food, the environment for sharks is perfect. These sharks are here naturally, following in the local fishing boats that are bringing in the mornings catch, and we’re just here to observe them and enjoy their awe inspiring presence.

Many different shark species call Hawaii home, with the most common being reef sharks that frequent the islands. Commonly, we see White Tip Reef Sharks, Gray Reef Sharks, Sandbar Sharks, and Gallapagos Sharks. Every once in a while, a Tiger Shark will make an appearance, and we’ve even been lucky enough to see a Hammerhead Shark on tour. The same sharks have been known to frequent the area, meaning we see familiar faces, and teeth, over the course of our dives.

Don't miss out on the chance to see these amazing and misunderstood ocean creatures during your trip to Oahu. Despite their intimidating teeth and reputation, they are truly amazing, and once you’ve seen them up close, you will understand just how incredible they are, and throughout the day, you’ll learn why Hawaiians have always held the shark in such high regard. Shark Cage Tours are incredible, and will be a great memory for your trip to the Hawaiian Islands.

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