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What to Know About Diving with Sharks in Hawaii

Heading out to sea for a Hawaii Shark Cage Adventure is a thrill, and as soon as you set out for the dive site, your heart starts to pound, increasing rapidly as you get further from the island. Diving with sharks in Hawaii is one of those adventures that seems just a bit crazy, but as you will quickly realize, there is nothing to fear. Taking place in a state of the art shark cage, you are completely safe from the sharks and are able to watch as these incredible creatures go about their business.

Here is everything that you need to know about diving with sharks in Hawaii:

Safety is #1
As with any tour, activity, or adventure in Hawaii, staying safe is the priority. Sharks are unpredictable creatures, and though there is much that we understand, there is still a lot that we do not. Great precautions are taken to keep divers safe, and the shark cage that you dive in offers all of the safety and protection that you will need.

Non-diving tours are available
If you've done all of your research and are still not thrilled by the thought of entering the water, you can just ride along and watch the action from the boat. You will still get to see the sharks swimming around the cage, but will have plenty of room in between you and them.

Sharks are here naturally
In some places, the ocean water is chummed to attract sharks. That is not the case in Hawaii. Chumming the water is not safe for the sharks, and not safe for divers entering the water. Sharks follow local fishing boats back to shore, and they happen to congregate in certain areas. We are simply meeting them where they are know to gather.

How far are we from land?
One of the best parts of diving with sharks in Hawaii is the ride out, steeped in anticipation for the dive and what is to come. When you watch Oahu’s North Shore fade into the distance, this becomes all too real, and the further you get from land, the more of the island you can see. Make sure to take some time to take in the island as you travel out to sea.

So many sharks!
It is uncommon to not see sharks during this activity, and if you do not see any, you will receive a voucher to come back out during your vacation. There are so many different shark species in Hawaii and many of the moderately sized sharks make frequent appearances. These sharks are smaller reef sharks, and not aggressive towards people. Their size is dependent on the type of shark, with some coming in between 6-8 feet, and others as long as 12-14 feet!

What are you most looking forward to doing on Oahu’s North Shore?

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