hawaii shark tours

Hawaii Shark Cage Tours

So, you’re really going to do it; you’re going to dive with sharks in Hawaii! You’re going to jump off of the boat, into the ocean, and come face to face with sharks, in their natural habitat, with only a state of the art shark cage separating you and the ocean’s most feared predator. Talk about a thrilling experience. Hawaii shark cage tours are among the top things to do on Oahu’s North Shore, and if you’ve told even one of your friends about your big adventure, you’ll quickly realize that it’s also one of the most daring (and perhaps a bit crazy) Hawaii activities that you can take.

Safety is #1
As soon as you spot the sharks swimming around the boat, your heart will start racing. Just the site of these ferocious creatures is enough to make you sweat and get your adrenaline going. As with any adventure in Hawaii, safety is always first, and every measure is taken to ensure passenger safety. Be sure to keep your arms, legs, fingers, toes, and head inside the cage at all times. Sharks cannot enter the cage, and though they’re only inches from you, do not touch them.

Staying on the Boat
You don’t have to enter the water, if you don’t want. Some participants decide that seeing sharks from the boat is enough of an adventure and that is perfectly fine. The choice is entirely up to you, and you will have a great time regardless of what you choose.

Sharks are Here Naturally
It’s a common misconception that the water is chummed to attract sharks, and that is not the case. Sharks are known to gather near the dive site, following local fishing boats back to shore after a morning at sea. Hawaii Shark Cage Tours simply take advantage of this and drop anchor at a pre-determined spot where the shark cage is waiting.

Sharks, Sharks, Sharks
There are a variety of sharks that make their home near Hawaii. Ocean conditions are just what they’re looking for, and there is plenty of room for many different shark species. On a normal day, the sharks that make an appearance are smaller reef sharks and moderately sized sharks like Galapagos and White Tipped Sharks. Hammerheads have been known to make a surprise appearance here and there.

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