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Hawaii Adventure Tours

Do you know what makes a great addition to any vacation? A little adventure! Hawaii is the perfect place to find adventure, with many great sites to see and attractions to discover throughout the islands. On Oahu, adventure is front and center, and you can take part in so many activities that will fill your vacation with adventure, and most importantly, FUN! Consider these fun Hawaii Adventure Tours for your vacation.

Waikiki Parasailing
With Waikiki Beach in site, soar above the ocean while tethered to a speed boat, providing you with views of the most famous beach in Hawaii that you will not believe. Parasailing is a ton of fun, great adventure, and is the perfect chance for you to get out of your comfort zone a little bit.

North Shore Skydiving
If you thought the views of Oahu were amazing during parasailing, then a freefall from an airplane is going to blow your mind. Journey up to 10,00 feet and jump! The adventure is front and center throughout, and during your ascent back to land, you’ll take in views that you cannot find anywhere else, the towering mountains and lush valleys revealing just how diverse Oahu is.

North Shore Shark Cage Adventures
Let’s get a little extreme for this next Hawaii Adventure Tour. While you will not be airborne, you will be far from land way out in the middle of the ocean. As soon as you arrive, the sharks start circling and your heart beings to pound. Once it’s time to jump in, you’ll enter a state of the art shark cage and come face to face with sharks, in their natural habitat, only a cage keeping you separated.

Zipline Adventures
This fun Hawaii adventure tour combines hiking and a scaled down version of parasailing for one of the most fun activities offered in Hawaii. Oahu features a few different options for zipline, though each includes a trek on a custom zipline course, high flying thrills, and a fun day for everyone.

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