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Shark Species in Hawaii

When you think of a shark, mythical type creatures like those that terrorize boats in the movies likely come to mind. Clearly, there is quite a bit of dramatic effect tha is required for the big screen and there (probably) aren’t any sharks in the ocean that can swallow an entire boat. Hawaii waters have always been a prime area for sharks,  and a variety of different shark species have been found in Hawaii for as long as research has been complied.  

On a Hawaii Shark Cage Adventure, the shark species that you will encounter are of the smaller variety, tending to leave people alone while they are on the hunt for their next meal. Some are quite small, and others quite large, but these sharks are not know for their encounters with people. Instead, the are following in fishing boats and are gathering in the area because they know that fishing boats are passing through and they might grab an easy meal.

The more common species of sharks on a Shark Cage Tour are simply incredible to see, and though the site of them will make your heart race, you’ll be in awe of their size and beauty while they swim around you.

Common sharks in Hawaii include:

  • White Tipped Reef Shark
  • Grey Reef Shark
  • Black Tip Reef Shark
  • Sandbar Shark
  • Hammerhead Shark

The sharks that we commonly encounter are considered reef sharks, and away from the reefs and shallower waters, sharks get bigger and tend to be more aggressive.  It is important to remember and understand that we are in their domain, and it is nearly impossible for sharks to determine what they are seeing Sharks have poor eye sight, though their sense of smell is impeccable. Larger sharks live in deeper waters and come in close to shore in search of food. The more common offshore sharks include:

  • Oceanic White Tip Shark
  • Blue Shark

While encountering sharks is not always a welcome activity, a Shark Cage Tours allows you to get a close up view of them in their habitat, and remain safe in doing so.  This is an incredible experience and the chance to get in the water with sharks should not be missed..

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